Baby friendly Sicily

 Sicilian sun, Mediterranean cuisine and the sea air – that is what attracts many families to Sicily all year round. 

A wonderful idea for a young mother and her newborn child could be to escape unpleasant winter months and move to Sicily. 

Months like April, May, June, September, October and November are fantastic for walks along the sea with the baby, living genuine Sicilian life and eating fresh seafood, fruits and veggies.

 While July and August are particularly hot months and we hardly recommend them for very small children, even January, February and March in Sicily can become an amazing escape from northern cold winds.
Outside of the very high season the weather in Sicily is very pleasant.

If you live in northern or central Europe – you will be surprised by the local climate in a very positive way. Swimming is hardly possible from November till May, however spring and autumn have become popular recently among young mothers during their maternity leave or even later – staying a month or two with one or two kids. 

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